Our Capabilities 

North Star Trenchless, LLC has the ability to provide turn-key operations for all your trenchless needs. Whether it is shaft excavation/shoring installation or using trenchless methods to install pipe, you can rely on our experienced team to get it done safely and efficiently.

We offer the following services:

  ·        Shaft Construction

   o  Trench Shields

   o  Slide Rail Shoring Systems

   o  Beam and Plate Shoring

   o  Liner Plate/Wood Lagging & Steel Ring Beam Round Shafts

  o  Tight Sheeting with Internal Bracing

 ·        Trenchless Installation

  o  Auger Boring (Guided and Un-Guided, Dirt and Rock)

  o  Pilot Tube Installation (Dirt and Rock)

  o  Pipe Ramming

  o  Pipe Jacking (Steel, RCP, Hobas)

  o  Tunneling (TBM, EPBM)

  o  Microtunneling

  o  Culvert Slip-Lining

  o  Hand Mining (Dirt and Rock)

 ·        Annular Fill

  o  Sand

  o  Cellular Grout

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