Engineer: Hussey Gay Bell & DeYoung, Inc.
Start Date:
July 2020

Description: The work includes installation of approximately 180 VF of 42-foot diameter round shafts supported by liner plate and steel ring beams. Excavation, backfill and compaction of shafts; Furnish and install 1,515 LF of 60-inch steel casing in 5 drives ranging from 70 to 580 LF using EPBM/TBM tunnel methods. Soils have ranged from soft saturated ground to medium hard rock; Installation of 42-inch Hobas inside casing; Setting manholes and connecting tunnels; Furnish and install 910 LF of 54-inch steel casing in 6 crossings ranging from 100 to 300 LF using guided auger boring, TBM and hand mining methods Soils range from soft ground to rock conditions; Installation of 36-inch Hobas inside casing.